2017 Honda Odyssey - Homosassa, FL

Honda Marine Science Foundation

2017 Honda Odyssey - Homosassa, FL
Honda is using its platform to promote environmental awareness and change.

The Honda Marine Science Foundation is an organization created by Honda to combat climate change and restore marine ecosystems that have been decimated by pollution and overfishing. Honda is committed to the environment and aims to support every effort to facilitate resilience against climate change.

The Honda Marine Science Foundation is inspired by the Japanese phrase sato-umi, a concept meaning harmony between land and sea. Starting in 2015 with research into the effects of climate change on lakes and oceans, the foundation was officially founded in 2016 after Honda’s research team met with experts to determine how the company could most meaningfully contribute to the cause.

The HMSF has identified several projects that fall in line with its mission statement of restoring marine ecosystems, including Oyster Habitat Restoration, which provides many services to other creatures in the oysters’ ecosystems. Honda Marine Science also supports the Sea Turtle Patrol of Edisto Beach State Park in South Carolina.

At Love Honda we’re honored to be part of a company that is actively working toward a better future for our planet and a more thriving marine ecosystem. For more information about the Honda Marine Science Foundation and the projects it supports, visit their website.

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