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Sustainability in the Auto Industry: How Honda is Leading the Charge

As we continue to learn more and more about the effects that cars are having on the environment, there has been a much greater push as of late toward green technology. In this push for sustainability in the auto industry, Honda is leading the way. Here’s how.

Even though many people think only of better fuel efficiency when they think about a more sustainable auto industry is, that is just a small part of what Honda is trying to achieve with its initiative.

Honda’s three primary goals for increasing sustainability in the auto industry are:

  • Eliminate substances of concern from all Honda products
  • Develop vehicles and other products that are easier to recycle
  • Eliminate scarce materials from designs

Aside from the actual act of driving a vehicle, the biggest impact that cars have on the environment is through the manufacturing process. Honda is hoping to reduce this impact in its factories by creating processes that reduce the negative impact of using natural gas and electricity.

sustainability in the auto industryPainting vehicles has one of the most negative impacts on the environment because it is one of the processes that consumes the largest amount of energy in Honda’s plants. Through the programs being introduced in Honda, the automaker has managed to reduce the energy used per car by 14% over the last 10 years.

Keeping an eye on the future, Honda hopes to change the world. To learn more about what Honda is doing to help protect the environment, give us a call at Love Honda.

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