Automatic Lawn Mower

Honda Unveils First Automatic Lawn Mower


For anyone who hates mowing the lawn, this is for you. Honda has introduced its first automatic lawn mower. The robot, which Honda has named Miimo will automatically do the work for you, giving you a beautifully-trimmed lawn all summer long.

Miimo uses sensors, a timer, and a microcomputer to cut the grass within a specified area. It is battery powered, so it will operate quietly and efficiently. In addition, it has built-in safety features. With its 360-degree sensors and a floating cover, if it bumps into a solid object, like a pet or human, it will turn and move in a different direction.

Automatic Lawn MowerIt also has an anti-theft protocol that automatically shuts off the mower if lifted off the ground. It will then only start again when the owner enters in an anti-theft PIN code.

Owners can choose from three mowing settings: Random, Directional, or Mixed. Random mode will use wide angle turns and delivers the best cut for large open areas. Directional is ideal for narrow areas and uses narrow turns. And, Mixed is a combination of Random and Directional.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Miimo is the fact that it is available for purchase from Honda Power Equipment dealers now.

Here at Love Honda, we can’t wait to see how the Miimo performs in real life.

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