Honda Unveils New Civic Type R Specs

Performance enthusiasts have been rallying around news of the brand-new Honda Civic Type R, a modified variant of the reputable Civic nameplate that’s been renowned more for it’s practicality than sports appeal. And, the next-generation Civic’s good looks paired with the Type R’s promise of a thrilling driving experience and more athletic handling has piqued the interest of auto fans everywhere. Unfortunately, performance specs have eluded us until now; Honda has finally unveiled Civic Type R specs for curious potential buyers!

Civic Type R specsThe Honda Civic Type R will have a top speed of 169 mph, making it the fastest-accelerating vehicle in its class and giving it a 0-60 acceleration of 5.7 seconds. The 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine doles out a whopping 306 horsepower as well, an impressive feat for a vehicle of its type. To nail home the sporty vibe, Honda constructed the Type R as a dynamic four-door hatch rather than a sedan, giving it a low-riding, windswept profile.

With Civic Type R specs now available to the public accompanying awesome info like great fuel economy and an affordable price tag, the new Honda Civic model is poised to appeal to drivers who want a little extra ‘oomph’ in their ride without going full sports car. When the Civic Type R launches later this year, make sure to stop by Love Honda.

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