Summer Car Care

Tips for Summer Car Care

Do you love your Honda from Love Honda? These simple summer car care tips will keep your car in good shape all year long.

Oil Change

Clean oil and oil filters are imperative for a well-functioning car. You should change your oil as frequently as is recommended in your owner’s manual, but it’s also a good idea to do it before the warmer weather hits. Summer conditions will put extra demands on your oil filter, which is necessary to keep your oil clear, clean, and ready to lubricate the engine. Make an oil change appointment at Love Honda today.

Summer SunTire Pressure

The summer heat can also strain the rubber on your tires more than usual. Keep an eye on your tire pressure by checking it every other time you stop for gas. Make sure your tires don’t have any cracks and that the tread is still sufficiently deep.

Check Fluid Levels

Aside from oil, you’ll want to be sure that all of your other fluids are topped off. This includes your coolant—which is especially important in the summer when your car is more likely to overheat—as well as wiper fluid and steering fluid.


  1. I want to take this service “oil change”. I have some confusion that what type of oil is better for my car. Thanks for your summer tips. Can you tell, how can I check fluid levels at home?

  2. I do agree with the fact that vehicles needs proper maintenance in order to prevent the adverse effects of the extreme temperature of the summer season. Different types of fluids used in the vehicle plays very important role. So, the quantity and quality of different types of fluids used in the vehicle including coolant needs to be inspected at a regular interval. Coolant plays very important role by keeping the temperature of the engine at an optimum level and in the absence of such fluids the engine of the vehicle could get overheated. So, a quick inspection of coolant is really necessary.

  3. After a harsh winter and tumultuous spring, your speed machine necessitates immediate aftercare. And like all, you may have also planned for a long drive in the beach time. To make the voyage exciting and keep the condition of the roadster in the matchless order, you have to perform few checkups on it. Through car engineers, you should find out the issues present in the vehicle and get them fixed as well. There is a not a single mechanical or electrical stuff that you can leave unnoticed when performing the maintenance assignments for a hassle-free ride.

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