Tips for Traveling with Pets

Keep Your Pet Safe with These Tips for Traveling with Pets

The summer is the perfect time to head out on the open road — and, for many drivers that means bringing their pets along with them. If you’re planning a road trip with your furry friends, we have rounded up some tips for traveling with pets that should make your drive easier.

Plan your route well. Long road trips are hard on our four-legged friends. That’s why it’s important to plan your route out with plenty of stops along the way. The recommended length of time to go between stops is usually between two or three hours, just so your pets can get out and stretch their legs — and do their business if need be. Also, make sure you book hotels that are pet-friendly ahead of time to avoid any potential lodging mishaps.

Don’t forget the important things. All pet owners have experienced the feeling of dread when you realize you’ve forgotten a poop bag or your pup’s favorite toy. Make sure you create a checklist before you leave that outlines what you might need on your trip from food and water to cleaning supplies and medications and everything in between.

Put safety first. Your pets should feel safe in your — and you should feel safe with your pets there, too. That’s why it’s important to purchase either a travel crate, a pet barrier, or a restraint that will help keep your pet safe on the go. Make sure the option you choose has been safety tested to ensure your pet will be okay in case of an accident.

Before you head out on your road trip, schedule a maintenance check with Love Honda. You don’t want your road trip to be derailed due to mechanical issues.

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