Improving Your Car’s Fuel Economy | Homosassa, FL

Tips for Improving Your Car’s Fuel Economy in Homosassa, Florida

Driving an efficient vehicle does more than just reduce your carbon footprint – it can also help you save money at the gas pump. If you’re looking for a way to improve your fuel economy while driving around Homosassa, Florida, we have some solid tips for improving your car’s fuel efficiency we’d like to share with you.


Ease up on the gas pedal. Accelerating quickly can affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, since it increases the amount of work your engine is doing. To prevent this from happening, try to go easy on the pedal when speeding up.


Reduce your car’s weight. Your car may be packed with random items you’ve accumulated, especially if you’re moving or travel often. Try and reduce your car’s weight by getting rid of any unnecessary items in your car. That means taking out any extra cargo you don’t immediately need to transport from the trunk or back seat. Extra weight translates to more fuel burning.


Cut down on drag. If you use roof racks or other roof storage accessories, then make sure you take them off when you don’t need them. These accessories can decrease your vehicle’s aerodynamics, increasing the amount of drag. Increased drag makes your engine work harder, reducing fuel efficiency.


Make sure your tires are the right pressure. Florida is hot, which can cause the air in your tires to expand. This expansion can affect tire pressure, potentially making them overinflated. Make sure you check your tires’ pressure regularly, keeping it within the manufacturer’s recommended range of pressure, which can be found in the owner’s manual.


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